Blue Sky
Water Temple

Blue Sky Water Temple
Kategorie | Jahr Architektur, Gebäude, Pavillon | 2021
Autor(en) Josef-Matthias Printschler (jmp)
Mitarbeit Kooperative PRISTA
Auftrag Santa Maria, Hidalgo/Mexico
Copyright Metatektur (jmp)
Kurzbeschreibung Visitor Center, Observation Deck and Rest Room

The project plays with the contrasts, the staging, the dramaturgy, the direction of view, the open and the closed space, the verticality and the horizontality, the colors and the elements, the transition, the layering, the inside and the outside. There is the space of interaction, communication and exchange (I: hall and information desk) - and there is the space of contemplation, reflection and elevation (II: temple tower). While the exterior of the building complex is black/anthracite, the interior uses an intense monochromatic blue color scheme; concrete was chosen as the main materiality - as an expression of timelessness and permanence [...]