Infoversum: The fragmented vs. defragmented Infospace

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Infoversum: The fragmented vs. defragmented Infospace
Kategorie | Jahr Architektur, Wettbewerb, Stadt | 2010
Autor(en) Josef-Matthias Printschler (jmp)
Auftrag Wettbewerb
Copyright Metatektur (jmp)
Kurzbeschreibung Wettbewerbsbeitrag zu einem Ausstellungssystem/Ausstellungsgestaltung Universalmuseum Joanneum / Graz, Österreich.

Aus dem Konzept:“the main idea is - to split a central information point into a “INFOVERSUM” - and to distribute the various elements in space = you will receive a so called infoversum…

the space is fragmented by the information (carrier) - the range or dispersion of information is increased - the spatial density of information is reduced & the whole information content to be transmitted - remains the same - you could also say a „infobang” takes place! - the distribution of information in space is regulated by different translations within defined inverse loop actions (…)“