Gohlis 2089
Development Projekt Gohlis 2008-2089: S.C.U.

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Gohlis 2089 Development Projekt Gohlis 2008-2089: S.C.U.
Kategorie | Jahr Architektur, Stadt, Parameter | 2009
Autor(en) Josef-Matthias Printschler (jmp)
Mitarbeit Anna Rottmann
Auftrag S.C.U.
Copyright Josef-Matthias Printschler (jmp/printROT)
Kurzbeschreibung Städtebauliches großmaßstäbliches Entwicklungskonzept/-projekt Gohlis 2089 in Leipzig.

Aus dem Konzept:"(...) a union of two points in space independent of time. The path through space - flanked by borders; there is a mutual relationship between the paths and the borders. Space as a spontaneous event between two points. In the superordinate scale of infinity, the time span - between point A (2008) and B (2089) - becomes zero. A as the selfless medium of projection for point B. The streets through the city as a negative imprint or expression of a repressed weather in an artificial environment. Space and time defragmented in the moment; materialized as two-dimensional geometry from the perspective of infinity. (...) Financing and technical implementation are in a constant, reciprocal relationship. The death of architecture is proclaimed by the economy - the death of an animal, thinking is forbidden. Patterns experience rush, the return of mysticism and old signs from the Middle Ages - the architect as priest of space. Culture is the product of the past and becomes the emblem of a questionable elite. (...)"